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What does Crafted Turkey Tours do and who is it?

Customized for each client 

For us, each client has different personality, interests and budgets; thus, each client has a different expectation. Some are interested more in history of the country they will visit, while others may be interested in culinary experiences. Some look for more luxury in accommodation while others may want to spend more on travel than accommodation. Being aware of these differences, we avoid from proposing standard itineraries to our clients. Each itinerary we create is crafted to meet our clients’ unique needs and expectations.


Specialized in Turkey 

We are simply NOT a multi-country tour company that sells tours in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Egypt, etc. We are specialized in organizing tours ONLY in Turkey. This gives us two advantages; the first we work with the best service providers as we know them personally, and the second we provide the best prices as we run our tours directly with our local supplier network.

Outstanding customer services

We feel the responsibility against the money and time that our clients save for their dream trip. For this reason, Crafted Turkey Tours has built an outstanding customer services. Our clients enjoy their trip with peace of mind knowing that there is an invisible team behind them, keeping an eye on flight delays, double-checking pick-up times and ensuring the best possible rooms are reserved. Also, they know they can reach the operation team against unexpected situations 7 days and 24 hours.

Authorized and licensed

Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that they work with a authorized travel agency by the Ministrery of Tourism and Culture. Crafted Turkey Tours is a brand of Popular Travel & Tours, which is an A-class member of (TURSAB), Turkish Association of Travel Agencies (TURSAB), license number 9144.

Experienced team

Crafted Turkey Tour has been founded by professionals from different sectors; marketing, tourism, advertising and information technologies. They combined their years-of-experiences into Crafted Turkey Tours which enabled us to look at tourism business from a different point of view. Today, Crafted Turkey Tours stands on an operation team web around major destinations like Istanbul, Cappadocia and Kusadasi. 

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